Hiring innovation and better candidate assessment

Use cases and best practices for hiring teams

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  Diversity representation and employee leadership advancement 

Employer hiring  Three shifts in talent assessment methods being embraced by hiring teams.
What is a digital interview?  Breaking down the types of interviews and how they are used in the hiring workflow.
University student preparation for campus recruiting  Five career tips students need to know about how to excel in the interview process.
Machine scoring meets recruiter scoring Identifying valuable language in an interview transcript using Natural Language Understanding
An introduction to AI and its use in talent measurement Video Assessment and competency-based AI scoring in language based assessment.
Process of defining and building an AI modelDefining the model, training the model, testing and validating the model.
Automated interviewing improving recruiter efficiency Automated interviewing is significantly improving recruiting, talent evaluation and experience workflows for recruiter and candidates 
Creating a great candidate experience Creating a great experience in the video interview is the difference between winning or losing a candidate
Selecting a digital interviewing software system There are many vendors to choose from and every vendor has a slightly different set of features and pricing.