Give your employees and candidates the gift of practice

Create a comfortable experience by providing practice options before interviews, testing, training and development.

Help candidates and employees succeed with training and coaching.

  • Giving applicants the option to try a practice interview has been proven to significantly reduce their pre-interview jitters

  • Offering a practice interview will increase candidate participation

  • Providing a practice option is increasingly required as an accommodation option

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We have everything you need to create an on-demand practice and training environment.

Select practice module

Turn on practice to activate as an option for candidates before completing their application or interview.

Select practice questions

Select the type of practice or training tests and questions you would like to make available to candidates and employees.

Add to workflow

Add the practice module to one or more interview steps in the process. This can also be used for development interviews for employees.

Set deadline

Set your interview response deadline including time to practice. Practice responses are not retained on the server.

Creating a supportive candidate experience

This starts with letting candidates know what to expect in the interview process and giving them every chance to succeed in a fair evaluation environment. Adding a practice option increases candidate success.