Interviewing is hard to get right.

We make it easy.

The videoBIO Recruiter platform is used by hiring teams, universities and educators to make interviews, assessment and screening more standardized, fair and automated.

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Recruiting teams can work smarter with powerful automation

Work less, get more done with recruiting on your schedule. Reduce your candidate review time with no schedule video interviewing. Improve your data-based decision making from the first stage. Decrease your time to hire.

AI evaluation

Providing additional, data-support in your talent evaluation

Team collaboration

Transparent decision making and easy shaing with team members and clients

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Candidate Experience is Everything

Convenient, no-schedule interviews

  • Candidates feel less pressured with self-scheduling and no schedule deadlines when responding.   Responding from any device or location offers maximum flexibility.

Standardized questions and formats that give candidates peace of mind

  • The same questions delivered through the same technology ensures the same experience for candidates

  • With audio-only, accomodations and bias mitigation measures, candidates know their interviews will be evaluated fairly

Live video interviewing and self scheduling.



If you are serious about creating a remote, digital hiring environment then you need a system that is built for digital interviewing workflows.  Not a video conferencing platform.

Accessing secure video interviews in one, integrated workflow is critical for your efficiency when moving from one interview step to the next and storing and accessing all data in one system.  Use our SaaS platform directly or integrated with your ATS.

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For all of your interviewing use cases

Use the videoBIO platform for hiring, campus recruiting, student preparation and other application types.


Recruit, screen and interview candidates using the most innovative features available for remote hiring teams including no-schedule interviews, AI and automation.


Conduct campus recruiting for co-op interviews and new hires. Colleges and Universities prepare and train students for digital interviews.


Add video applications and our AI-matching technology to your process to increase the power of your applications at the first stage.