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Structured, transparent and fair talent screening and assessment

Your digital hiring practices can make the difference between uncovering the best talent or prematurely screening someone out.  The decisions you make in your assessment process should be transparent, collaborative and defensible.  For this you need a digital screening process that provides standardized, data supported screening and assessment.  With videoBIO Recruiter you can screen in audio or video formats and benefit from additional data points to support your decision making.

Build candidate trust

Candidates want to know they are getting a fair shot.  They want a modern, convenient and private interview experience that they can trust.  With videoBIO Recruiter you can create the ideal candidate experience with flexible response settings, optional audio or video responses, consent, privacy, support and disclosures up front so the candidate knows what to expect in the process.

Save time, money and uncover the best talent

Get to hire faster

Exponentially decrease your time to fill with using digital interviewing at first stage and all stages. Ask us about our video applications.

Increase efficiency

Sit back and take a break. Increase your recruiter team efficiency by utilizing the no schedule, one-way talent screening and assessment and eliminate 1:1 scheduling.

Candidate experience

Give your candidates a wide range of experience options across all of your workflow stages including audio only responses.

Customizable interview flow and features

Use questionnaire templates, create templates, build your flow and your candidate experience to match your process. Whether you want to use digital interviewing at every stage or some stages of your recruiting and interviewing flow, videoBIO Recruiter will improve your efficiency and delight candidates with its flexible, comfortable experience features including re-records, audio only and jump back features.  Because life happens!

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video interviews, candidate experience

Frequently asked questions

You can conduct one-way, on demand interviews, live, recordable interviews, video applications, video screening, behavioral and situational interviews and assessments, multiple choice questionnaires, written tests and audio-only interviews.

Video interviewing systems are purpose-built for interviewing and screening and come with built-in communications, sharing, collaboration, scoring and automation tools for creating a seamless recruiter and candidate experience. Video conferencing systems are built for meetings and do not include one-way video interviewing options or scoring and decision making tools.

With Covid-19 we are seeing video interviewing used at all stages. At first stage you can add video questions to your application and resume or create a video job ad, at second stage you can replace phone screens with 1-way video screens and conduct behavioral assessments and live video interviewing and panel interviews at any stage. You create your workflow and your determine your candidate experience.

In any screening and interviewing workflow you will be meeting your candidate so you can't avoid visualization in the hiring process. Now, with Covid 19, you need to meet them virtually so video interviewing is essential. The question is at what stage do you introduce visual "meetings"? With videoBIO Recruiter you can switch video off and run blind interviewing processes if you choose. You can also give the option to the candidate if they want to respond in video or audio. Digital interviewing is a more accurate way to describe the features in the system as video is optional. The benefit is a structured, standardized way of delivering questions to candidates and receiving responses back. With structured interviews and decision making tools you reduce bias by standardizing your process across candidates and the recruiting team.

Yes, the Software as a Service is cloud-based and can be used as a stand-alone platform or can be directly integrated into your ATS or HRS system to make video interviewing features directly available from your system.

Video interviewing, or digital interviewing systems provide a way to structure and digitize interviews allowing teams to standardize their assessment and decision making and have the ability to demonstrate defensible tracking of talent decision making. Digital interviewing also provides the ideal combination of human and digital interviewing in the new Covid era. It creates a highly efficient system for high volume hiring with on demand, one-way interviewing, eliminating scheduling, and automated scoring options, providing HR teams with data support and structured scorecards for decision making.