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A friend to recruiters, and the system candidates love

A fun and interactive new way to experience the interview process right from your home. Very interesting and relaxed experience!


My first video interview, best experience ever.


This is the first video interview system where I didn't have to download an app. Thank you!


I thought that video interviewing was only being used for communication-based positions but it was interesting to be video-interviewed for an engineering role. Very convenient.


I appreciated having the audio-only option. I was glad that the cognitive assessment was based on the audio-only response.


My dyslexia has always been a deficiency in online applications and interviews. With the accessibility tools on this system I was able to successfully complete the interview.


I love how you could re-record as many times as needed! Thanks for being so user-friendly!


Thank you so much for the invitation to perform the video interview. It was such a fun way of delivering my message to your questions and it was good to have some time to thoroughly think through them before giving my final answers. Thank you very much for the exciting experience!


This was a very new and innovative interviewing method. I loved to do it.


Lots of fun! Very innovative.


Being able to re-record is a great feature and 60 seconds seems like an adequate amount of time. Positive experience with the process overall.


This was a really great experience! It can be a bit nerve wracking talking into a webcam versus to a human, so it was nice to get the chance to do over a couple of responses.


This system was easy to use, very user-friendly.


This is the first time that I have ever submitted a video bio interview and I think that it is a good way to get a quick and initial introduction of applicants.


This is a very convenient method to conduct interviews!


This is a great tool to see ones personality and make them feel calm and at ease.


The video experience enables me to re-record the answers if needed which is great to deliver the best answer to the hiring team.


It is great that candidates are allowed to re-record their responses. It really makes me feel less nervous allowing me to put my best foot forward.


This is a very cool experience. It gives me the opportunity to talk about myself. Thank you.


This is a very convenient method to conduct interviews!


I was unfamiliar with the online interview process but the instructions for recording responses were very clear. It was great to be able to pause between questions as well as review my response before submitting.


I enjoyed the fact that it was a stress free experience. The fact that I could repeatedly record my responses until I was entirely satisfied with my response definitely contributed to that.


This was a great new experience and I can see this being a great resource for employers and potential hires.


Hire without bias

Standardize interview delivery
and increase team efficiency

Share interviews with review team
for rating and comments

A convenient alternative
for candidates

Supporting AI assessment helps with collaborative decision making

Personalize and humanize
your talent brand

Getting started

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Simple video interviewing

Use our digital interviewing platform
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Video applications
Video job ads
1-way interviews
Live panel interviews
AI analysis (optional)

Video interviewing for large recruiting teams

Use our digital interviewing platform
branded for you including :
Video applications
Video job ads
1-way interviews
Live panel interviews
AI analysis
+ Candidate - ATS management
+ Pipeline tracking
+ Multi-level permissions


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