Introduce voice or video assessments into your interviewing

Digitize and standardize your talent assessment process
Blind your interviews
Reduce bias

Candidates expectations are changing and so should the interview

site design templates

The resume is no longer an adequate tool for candidate screening

Assessing applicants fairly without bias is the only way to build diverse teams

Employers are shifting to competency-based evaluation

Blind interviewing options with audio to text response options reducing bias

Candidates don't want to be constrained by old fashioned interviewing methods requiring set times, devices or locations

Candidates are digital natives and comfortable communicating with video

Scoring, measurement and decision making need to be standardized, transparent and defensible

Technology should help make human decision making more efficient

Digitization allows for standardized, transparent, fair, self-served and scalable interviewing

Video applications and references for first stage recruiting

Build your own multi-media video questionnaires for second stage screening

Automated, randomized video screening questions for competency-based evaluation

Video assessments for behavioral and situational testing

Live video interviews for recordable 1:1 or panel interviews

Work with our pre-built assessment templates or create your own interactive assessments featuring video questions creating an engaging format for candidates

Talent Interviewing and Assessment

A dedicated video interviewing and assessment platform featuring analytics supporting competency based hiring. Including on-demand and live video interviewing.

Campus Recruiting

Video-based training and interview practice platform featuring automated results and feedback. Including employer recruiting and secure screening of video profiles.


A turnkey video coaching and training platform supporting micro-learning and people skill development featuring live meetings and on-demand training and testing.