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Are automated video interviews robotic?

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AI Video Interviews:
Benefits, Bias and Candidate Trust

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How to prepare students for the future of digital interviewing


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How are companies using video in hiring?

Filling job vacancies

Video job ads, job descriptions and video applications incorporate video and questions into the first stage and collect better data.  Using video in your recruiting and application stage modernizes and personalizes your candidate experience.

Assessing talent competencies

Video assessments test for skills including attitude, leadership, diversity mindset, collaboration, performance and more. Combine recruiter scoring with AI-generated assessment.

Virtual screening and automation

Add one-way video screening questionnaires at any stage and eliminate scheduling hassles.  Candidate convenience and recruiter efficiency.

Trusted by companies large and small

Elevate job postings with intelligent talent matching

Compress three stages into one

Watch video

A comprehensive virtual interviewing platform for modern, remote workforces

Virtual Recruiting Suite

Video | Audio
One-way questionnaires
Live interviews
Audio interviews
Multiple choice
Text responses

AI Talent Matching & Insights

Add non visual, ethical AI
for data supported, competency insights.
Optional scoring automation.
Ask us to see a sample AI competency
insight report.

Structured Screening and Selection

Ensure fairness with blind interviewing
and standardized assessments
for diversity hiring

See the candidate experience

Easy interview responding from any device

Watch video

Fair, transparent candidate screening right from apply

No name or PII bias

Learn more about our diversity hiring
tracking programs and features

No more 'resume-only' 

Modernize your application process

6-point data

Collect more data at the first stage and get a 
holistic and better screen: match ratio

Create an engaging, video-centric experience
for your candidates that reflects your brand

Video landing pages and

Ask to see our video templates!

Video job descriptions, video assessments, video questions

Realistic job previews, case studies and interactive scenarios

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