Supercharge your virtual admissions process

Your applicants are everywhere and you need an admissions process that is seamless, automated and built for today's virtual interviewing process. Applicants are more than their transcripts. Adding video applications and automated interviews gives you a balanced and standardized application flow.

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Video applications

Video questionnaires, video essays and video applications are the most popular features for virtual admissions. Admissions teams are expanding applications to ensure standardization and a holistic review of applicants.

Self-scheduled video interviews

Self scheduled interivews allows applicants to schedule onto your team calendar reducing unnecessary scheduling time.

Automated workflow

Automating one or more steps in your admissions process allows you to focus on the critical selection decisions and reduce admin time.

Admissions has changed. So should your applications.

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A complete solution

Streamline virtual admissions

Invite students to submit all data
Elevate admissions beyond the transcript
Increase standardization and fairness in evaluation
Invite students to respond to video questionnaires
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Real Time data and analytics

Access data and status in real time, anytime

Know your status by program and applicant
Reduce administrative time with automation
Easily share data across your team

Video applications made easy!

  • Meet your applicants virtually and let them showcase their skills with video questionnaires and other video-based test formats

  • Standardize your applications and go beyond the transcript

Want to learn more?

We would be happy to show you admissions platform solution and learn more about your requirements.

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