Connect with candidates sooner and accelerate your hiring

with innovative digital interviewing solutions for recruiters.

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Matching talent to requirements

With candidate match applications you can run a 3-in-one first stage application that combines resume, interview questions and fit assessments and access a holistic match score for your candidate profiles at the first stage. Give your candidates a chance to share more about themselves.

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Assessing talent competencies

Go beyond experience and skills to evaluate competencies and potential with pre-trained competency assessments in a variety of digital formats.  Select the competency questionnaire template that relates to your job and send out the invitation to your candidates to complete.

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Virtual screening and automation

Take advantage of our efficient, no schedule screening options where you can screen from anywhere, access AI evaluation support and automate steps in your hiring process.   Automate one step or an entire process.  Easily add virtual, video-based interviews to your process.

Transform your first stage hiring and learn more
about candidates with Candidate Match

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Collect 3x the data from candidates at the application stage and supercharge your resume screen.

Avoid prematurely screening great candidates out.

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Add features directly into your ATS or use
videoBIO Recruiter SaaS directly as your digital hiring system.

Book a demo with us to learn more about how videoBIO Recruiter virtual hiring system can work for you.

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