No schedule, asynchronous interviews

video interviews, video interviewing, one way interviews

The fastest growing video interview type!

Send out your questions and review responses on the deadline. Save significant screening time and give candidates more flexible options.


Add your interview questions and send out your invitation. Give every candidate the same experience and the same questions and reduce bias.

No scheduling
No scheduling

Eliminate scheduled phone screens and live video interviews and meet your candidates with one-way interviews before the live interview.

Screening efficiency
Screening efficiency

Evaluate all candidates on the deadline using the same measures with the option of AI-supported assessment.

Make it convenient and flexible for your candidates

Candidates want to interview on their schedule from the privacy of their home on the device of their choosing. 

Boost recruiting team efficiency

Now recruiters and hiring managers can screen candidates with standardization and data-backed AI scoring, significantly reducing screening time.

From 30 minutes to 3

Save time screening candidates

Screen candidates in as little as three minutes with one-way video interviews.