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Watch and learn about how our platforms function and what features will make your lives easier!

Applicant tracking systems are evolving to include video interviewing features, bringing together the most comprehensive digital interviewing options for recruiting teams when hiring remotely.

Recruiting teams love videoBIO Recruiter for its ease of use and availability of easy landing page builders and shareable interviews.  Adding video applications and interviews to the recruitment workflow is seamless and increases candidate engagement with videoBIO.

Candidate experience is the most important factor when looking to attract and continue to engage candidates through the hiring process.  Learn tips on how to redefine the job application to improve candidate engagement right from the first stage.

Significantly reduce your time to interview by replacing phone screens or live video interviews with one-way video interviews and benefit from no-schedule interviews that will improve your review and screening efficiency.  Candidates will love the convenience and privacy of one-way video interviews.

Recruiting teams can improve their hiring advantage with videoBIO Recruiter with recruiting and video interviewing software which reduces the time to fill and increases accuracy of candidate data right from the first stage.

University teams can give their students the skills and preparation they require to be successful in the career and interview process when seeking out an internship, co-op position or full time employement upon graduation.  videoBIO Campus provides Admissions and Career Services teams support allowing them to increase the success rates of their students at all stages of their college journey.

videoBIO provides a range of solutions to employers, colleges and universities and job seekers that help recruiters and candidates be more success in their job search and interview process.

Companies are going remote and moving to hybrid and virtual workplaces.   With this, the competencies that employers are seeking in employees and new candidates have shifted.  Learn more about the top 5 competencies sought after by employers.