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  • One-way interviews
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  • Cognitive analytics
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Posting a video job ad or building a talent community
Create a video job ad for recruiting or talent community building
Sharing a video job posting on social media
Share the video job ad on social or add code to job ad
View a video posting and send a video application
Applicants view video job ad and can video apply and include resume
Recruiter can review video applications.
Recruiter receives video submissions and reviews applicant responses
Team based assessment of video responses.
Rate, comment and share video responses with team or client for review and comment


Video recruiting, assessment and interviewing is solving real problems when assessing talent for fit.

Featured customers by industry.
A few examples of how our customers are using videoBIO.
LoblawsJOEY RestaurantsUpper Canada College
Loblaws, North America's fourth largest grocery retailer, is using videoBIO Recruiter for various positions. In particular the video interviewing is being used to replace face to face interviews with students in its campus recruiting assessment where students are invited to participate in a one way interview and respond to four questions at their convenience.Joey Restaurants uses videoBIO Recruiter for recruiting and interviewing chefs, sushi chefs and cooks for its restaurants across Canada. The system is being used to assess and interview candidates for its Manager in Training and other intake programs.Upper Canada College, one of Canada's most prominent independent boys school (K-12) is using videoBIO Recruiter as part of its admissions process for students from grades 7-12. Applicants are invited as part of the application and admissions process to respond to three questions online using the videoBIO Recruiter system.
National grocery and pharmacy retailerNational restaurant franchiseIndependent boys school
Thunderbird Share FellowshipIBMBeyond B-School
Thunderbird Universities Share program is a financial sponsorship for qualifying students. Thunderbird uses videoBIO Recruiter for its review and assessment of students who apply for financial support through this program. The video responses submitted by students are easily shared among the decision making committee for review and consideration.IBM and its customers use videoBIO Recruiter to add video interviews to their HRS and communications systems including IBM's Kenexa and Connections, to digitize their recruiting, interviewing and and assessment workflows pre-hire and for post-hire employee communications, training and development interactions.Beyond B-School is using videoBIO Recruiter to enable employer-student video connections through Employer Relations and Career Services university programs. Beyond B-School is also using videoBIO to help students extend their resumes with a video presentation tool that allows them to personalize and digitize their interviews and interactions with employers.
University application for financial sponsorshipCareer training for higher education
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