Being a female CEO has much in common with the experience of being a diversity candidate. I want to know that I have a fair shot.


Being a female CEO has much in common with the experience of being a diversity candidate in a job search and makes me uniquely positioned to understand the necessity for a fair and consistent candidate evaluation experience. 

For my entire career I have quietly navigated the challenges of being a woman in a man's world. With ever career step, every contest, award, funding application, investor and venture capital meeting, or business assessment I know I will undoubtedly be confronted with the realities of the unconscious bias that lives in first impressions and decision making. 

There is much talk about digital interviewing and I wanted to share a less written about perspective on why employers are gaining a diversity advantage with video interviewing.

I, like all ‘minority’ candidates, feel this when being evaluated:

  • I want to know that I have a fair shot
  • I assume I will be subject to unknown biases
  • I want to know how decisions are being made and what is going on around me, but often feeling left out and in the dark
  • I feel like I have to do more to get noticed and shine through
  • I am sadly aware of the scenarios that prevent me from accessing the success that should be mine but often is awarded to someone else instead
  • I accept that I may not be liked and could be subject to unknown biases, but I carry on anyway

With companies aplenty measuring candidate experience, we know that candidates are challenged with the length of time it takes to submit an application and frustrated with the vacuous black hole that the application can drop into waiting for weeks or months for a response from an employer.

Candidates want to feel included and like they belong right from the beginning. They want to feel acknowledged and believe that their application will be considered and evaluated equally.

And this is why employers are getting smarter with digital interviewing as a tool to improve diversity, transparency, inclusiveness and fairness in their talent decision-making process.

The 1-way video interview is loved by candidates and recruiters because it levels the playing field and:

  • eliminates the discomfort of human error or influence in the moment that often happens when you are face to face
  • eliminates single person bias and improves transparency by bringing many people into the decision making process with shareable interview responses
  • allows for a consistent delivery of interview experience and questions across a large volume of applicants
  • provides the best of human responses and data analytics as predictor of fit using human review and cognitive fit analytics (run on the content of video responses)

We all know that companies with more diverse workforces perform better and are more profitable and enjoy many other benefits.

Whether you are an employer or a university evaluating a talent pool for the best and brightest applicants, you can improve your inclusivity in your talent decision making and gain a diversity advantage.

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