While many are starting to realize that video is quickly becoming a mainstay in the recruiting process, few realize how widely it is being used today. Aberdeen Research published a study in March 2013 asking respondents (companies and recruiters who have been using video as part of their recruiting process) what features of video recruiting systems they used most.

You can see that while video interviewing has been the most popular application, question and video recorded answers is a feature, which is growing in popularity. Whatever way you look at it, video is here to stay and recruiters and candidates are benefiting from learning how to best capitalize on this new technology.

The two types of video communication approaches used in video recruiting are video interviewing and video screening. Each uses a different type of video technology
1) video interviewing is a live, 2-way (synchronous) video feed that brings the candidate and recruiter together for a live, online interview. These videos are also usually recorded and saved for review and sharing with a broader recruiting team. The second is 2) video screening which his an asynchronous or 1-way video recorded answer or response to a question posed by a recruiter and sent to you. This video answer can be recorded by the candidate within a secure online system at a time convenient to the candidate and only requires a webcam and an Internet connection.

Being in the know and on top of the latest video-based recruiting techniques will help you in your career search and will ensure you are using these tools to best position yourself for success!

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