Source : April 30, 2020
Gartner HR Study

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Forbes article  The following highlights are taken from a recent study published by in 2019 entitled The Pivot to Video Interviewing

The benefits of using video interviewing software are significant.  We have shared some of these benefits cited by our customers and users of our video interviewing system taken anonymously from our feedback survey:

Speed and Time Savings

“It shortens my hiring cycle”

“I can use this flexibly at any stage of the interview process, from application, screening to interviewing”

“It takes a 30 minute phone screen to a 7 minute video screen which can be done on my time”

“No scheduling of meetings or calls required”

Better Candidate Experience

“Candidates appreciate the ability to respond to the video questionnaire privately from their home, on their schedule.  As long as they respond by the deadline they have total flexibility”

“Comfortable options and controls are available to candidates like the option to re-record, prep tutorials, on demand support and even audio-only record options”

“Candidates get frustrated with back and forth scheduling of meetings. With this application, no scheduling is required.  It is convenient and fast for candidates which is really important for candidate experience”

“Candidates share through feedback that this application makes our company appear more innovative”

Consistent, Structured Interviewing

“I can deliver the same questions, in the same format to all candidates providing them with all the same options for responding”

“Candidates can respond from any device, on a computer or mobile phone.  All candidates are given the same amount of time to respond and the same interview settings. There is no variance in the way questions are delivered”

Collaboration and Fairness with Structured Decision Making

“I can easily share my shortlist of candidates with others on my hiring team for review”

“We are all using the same scorecard and measurement across all candidates”


“I can offer the option for the interviews to be included in video or audio format”

“I can control how many re-record attempts that candidates have providing the most accessible process possible”

“Point of interview support is provided on demand for any questions candidates may have”

Feedback taken anonymously from the videoBIO Recruiter feedback survey.

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