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Meet talent and humanize your talent brand with the power of video!

AI-based talent screening and assessment

Video enable your HR teams with digital recruiting, interviewing, assessments and training with AI assessments.

Use cases:

Exercises & activities Announcements & messages Employee surveys
Video blogsSocial collaboration1-way & live recordable interviews
Contests & reviewsTraining & onboardingScreening & assessment

videoBIO Recruiter and Kenexa

Integrate the full suite of video interview and assessment capabilities into Kenexa and your recruiting workflow. Use IBM Watson for data analytics + video enhanced services.

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Integrate the full suite and empower your employees at the front lines with seamless video capabilities to instantly capture, share and collaborate with video from within Connections.

"Video content shared by employees receives 8x the engagement of branded content channels."

"87% say they would choose to work for a video-enabled organization"

"Over 71% of companies are already using video in their recruiting and interviewing process."

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