Features videoBIO Recruiter SMB videoBIO Recruiter Enterprise
Video applications - open register
Customizable landing pages
One-way video interviews
One-way video screening
One-way video assessments
Automated scoring (AI) - Level 1
Automated competency scoring (AI) - Level 2 (pre-trained)
Live recordable interviews
Customizable scorecards
Interview sharing for review
Rating and commenting
Audio only interviews
Intro and extro video messages
Mid-interview video messages
Video job description
Video manager
Video teleprompter - recording
Video script management
Interview question database
Waiver management
Extend deadline
Single and group reminders
Interview Resets
Multi- user levels
User permissions
Cross account sharing
Individual video response scoring
Automated scoring workflow
Self scheduling - live interviews
Customizable waiting rooms
One-way interviewing - timed flow
One-way interviewing - flexible flow
One-way interviewing - multiple choice
One-way interviewing- questionnaire templates
Recruiting - candidate matching
Competency-based scoring (pre-trained)
Custom machine training
Automated Employer References
Candidate - Recruiter support
Change deadline by candidate
Bulk download by project

Use cases:

Assessment Screening Applications
Pre-selection Practice Training
Onboarding Contests Recruiting