Video interviewing is here to stay and job seekers are often encountering video in the application and interviewing process as more employers adopt video-interviewing systems into their hiring workflow. Here are a few commonly asked questions and tips on how to use video interviewing to your advantage in the interview process.


1. What if I’m camera shy?

Communicating on video is a skill just like anything else. Video interviewing is now commonplace in the hiring process and it can appear at any stage. So you need to prepare yourself to be interviewed this way either in a one way recorded and submitted response or a live view interview environment. It’s not all that different than an in person interview except you are talking to or through a camera. Your professionalism and responses will remain the same. Millennials have been fully immersed in this video environment for years so it is a natural way of communicating. For the rest it is something that is a learned skill.

videoBIO Recruiter offers many candidate-friendly features to make this an easy and positive experience. A tutorial video is provided giving information and tips on the process. A practice page is also available with sample questions. The system also offers candidates multiple chances to record their responses. This is an opportunity for candidates to ensure they submit their best response.


2. Do I need special video equipment?

There are no mobile app downloads, installations or updates required to complete a video response with videoBIO Recruiter. Candidate’s can use any web cam enabled device that has an Internet connection. This includes computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Through this online video interviewing process, the hassle of finding time to schedule and conduct an interview is gone. Candidates can access this interview anytime before the response deadline and complete it anywhere from any device that is convenient right through a web browser.


3. Does video interviewing create bias? Is it secure?

This may be a common concern for some candidates that participate in a digital screening process. But this method does not pose any more risk of discrimination than an in person interview. This video screening process is simply a tool to learn more about a candidate in the application, assessment and screening process. In fact, by participating in a digital interviewing process you have a better chance at a great first impression as you can control your environment and have multiple chances to record before submitting your response. Technology is merely an instrument that facilitates the process. It is still the recruiters who are formulating the questions and reviewing the responses who are making the decisions.

Our platform is secure and we put the candidates privacy first. A candidate is asked to accept the permission waiver before submitting their video response giving the recruiter explicit permission to review the video for decision making purposes. Candidates do not need to be worried that their videos will be used for alternate purposes. As part of this secure workflow initiated by the employer, these videos will never be published or available in a public domain.


4. Is it complicated?

Your first impression of a video interview experience might seem intimidating but we can assure you that you don’t require any special equipment and you don’t need any specific technology skills to participate. The whole process only takes a few minutes from beginning to end and is easy to access anywhere and anytime. The process is designed to make the interview experience more convenient for you. And, if at any time you have questions you just contact our support team right from your interview interface.


5. Does digitalizing interviews take away the human element?

In fact it is the opposite. Recruiters are looking to learn more about candidates earlier in the process and to give candidates the ability to talk about themselves in a broader way then is made available by a resume. A resume does not tell the whole story and can be limiting when you want to get more about yourself across in the interview process. The video interview provides the ability to introduce yourself, to share and tell your story. Recruiters will see the way you communicate and will get a much more rounded view of you as a candidate.


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